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    About the use of graphics

  • You can freely use this graphics as an image icon or avatar.
  • Non-commercial use only.
  • Must not use this in the company name.(Personal use only.)
  • Reselling is prohibited.
  • Allow you to process this graphics.
  • Don't announce this image as your own work.
  • Not permitted to use this image to create "Avatar Maker" , "Icon Maker".
  • It is OK to convert PNG format to GIF format.
  • If you want to use books and videos and games in this graphics, you may want to use and freely available only to the work of free distribution.
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  • You don't have to link to this site when you use this graphics, but I will be glad if you do that anyway.
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    Square Face Pixel Art Icon Generator

    Oval Face Icon Generator

    Square Face Icon Generator

    Square Face Pixel Art Icon Generator

    Square Face Cube Generator



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